Going organic for better health

organic 1Old School New Body Review: The world today has reached a marvelous level of technological advancement, one that our ancestors a mere century ago could have never even dreamed of. With this technological advancement comes much improvement to agriculture and food processing. The leaps in both industries have effectively made feeding the masses easier than ever before, but this does not come without hefty cost.

Modern farming involves hefty amounts of chemicals, drugs and hormones to get the most out of crops and farm animals. These additions are indeed essential to reach the high levels of productivity required for today’s competitive global market, but amidst our rush to produce more food we have forgotten to produce good food!

Food additives are notorious for their long term effects on our health; many pesticides and fertilizers accumulate in our bodies over the years and can cause severe illnesses and even birth defects. Even just traces of pesticides and hormones can have a profound effect on child development and general health over many years. These compounds also have a devastating effect on the environment and water sources, not to mention inhumane suffering of farm animals. Farm animals are often mistreated, force fed and even injected with growth hormones to increase their productivity. Another concerning subject is genetically modified crops; genetic modification is believed to be associated with detrimental effects on the human body. Although this claim has not been conclusively proven, it is the opinion of many scientific authorities.

Despite all of this, there is still hope! This modern industrial mess can be avoided by following an organic diet.

Organic foods are foods that are grown without the addition of any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or any other types of additives to crops or livestock. Organic food has many benefits and it starting to become more popular as we come to realize how the food industry has started to push itself too far!

How organic food is better for your health

Numerous studies have proven that organic food has significantly higher concentrations of vital nutrient elements such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Organic food has also been proven to contain more antioxidants and natural immunity boosting compounds than conventional foods. Organic foods also have higher concentrations of vitamins. The benefits of organic food also extend to taste, where organically grown crops and meats always surpass conventionally grown foods when it comes to richness of taste. Organic foods

How organic food protects you and your family

Besides offering many advantages over conventionally produced food, organic foods protect you and your family from a host of problems associated with conventional food production.

Conventional food products contain relatively strong traces of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals used in farming, which presents alarming health risks to every individual in the family, especially over many years of regular consumption. Many food additives can harmfully affect a child’s immunity and have long term consequences on their health.

There are hundreds of types of pesticides, insecticides, hormones and fertilizers used by farmers, many of which end up in your food. Combinations of such substances can become very dangerous as well.

Stay Fit and Healthy with Full Body Workouts

Many people are doing routine of exercises and workouts for different objectives. Some are getting fitness programs to lose weight. Some on the other hand aim to have a good physique. Some are just doing regular workouts for good health and make their body fit. Well all of these can really be achieved with the daily routine of full body workouts.

If you care about your health and your body here are some types of body workouts that you may consider.

Warm Up

Before any physical activity may it be a exercise routines or physical games, it is always important to start with warm up exercises. Allow five to ten minutes for these introductory exercises. You can choose any one from walking (not too fast), jogging in place, knee lifts including some foot rotations, arm movements and trunk rotations. You can combine all of these too in moderation. Also take a deep breath and do the breathing exercise to help you generate more oxygen in the body.

Muscular Strength

Weight lifting is found to be the most effective moves to gain muscles and increase strength. Some people also found this applicable and effective in getting rid of body fats. This should be done at least two to three times a week with two sets of twenty minutes per session. It is also important to combine other exercises that will involve major muscles.

Muscular Endurance

Body workouts like pushups, pull ups, sit ups, calisthenics and other weight training that involves major muscle groups are very important for muscular endurance. These should be done at least once or twice every week. Do these exercises for three times for at least thirty minutes per repetition. There are various gym equipment that could help you to perform these workouts.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance

Aerobic activities are best exercises to enhance cardiovascular and respiratory strength. You can do it twice or three times a week for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. You can also try some activities like swimming, brisk walking, jumping rope, jogging, rowing and cycling. It is best to do any of these activities first thing in the morning before taking your breakfast for a more effective fat burning process.

Cool Down Exercises  

Since you start your body workouts with warm up exercises, it is also of equal importance to have some cool down activities before finally ending up your workouts. Do some stretching, slow walking and deep breathing to make your body more relax. This will help your blood to slowly back in the regular circulation.

Full body workouts are very essential to everyone. It would be great also if you also take best workout supplements to get better results.


The Best Exercise

So you want to lose weight? Thinking about having a steady healthy and weight loss diet plan? Well forget about it. And check out URL Well, not exactly on that term but let me tell you this steady healthy diet and low fat diet plan is never enough for you to lose weight. Sure it would burn you two to five pounds a week but this is nothing compared when you do some workouts and exercise. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat these foods, what I’m really saying is you should combine this diet alongside some exercise for weight loss. And now that term has just sprung up the question, “what is the best exercise?” And later on, you will know the answer to your problem.

On the contrary, there is no single great exercise for a quick and easy weight loss. What really is the best workout is a combination of sets of different exercises. Remember, each exercise concentrates on one body part and if you only exercise one part then that will be the only one to lose weight.

best exerciseLucky for you, you must also want to learn that it is very much true that the greatest workouts for an easy weight loss are a combination of both cardio and strength exercises. And, almost every exercise there is in both cardio and strength are great ways to lose weight and doing them are also the best way to build muscle as well. But the best fat burning exercises would have to be the exercises as well as the workouts that are concentrated on the stomach area since this is where fat is usually concentrated and everyone doesn’t want a big belly.

Also, you can also combine these exercises with your daily routines. How? If you work and your workplace isn’t that far, you should try walking there instead of driving or riding any public transportation vehicle. Walking is a great way to lose weight and jogging at least thrice every week followed by a set of exercises will definitely be a great weight loss plan.

In the end, you’ll still ask what the best exercise is. But this often happens if you fail to achieve your goal. If this does happen, don’t give up nor should you lose hope. All you need to do is work harder and a little more often. And with this in mind you’re on your way.